Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WEDNESDAY UPDATE .............

Pretty frustrating couple of weeks, when it has been hard to get a run going, with a good day often followed by a bad one. Brighton were a little unfortunate last night, with the match turning on a hotly disputed penalty award to the visitors, which left the home side devastated. However, that is gambling and after such a fantastic start to the New Year, we were always going to face a little dip. Having said that, subscribers are sitting on two outright tennis bets for this week's tournaments, which look in really good shape and I am confident that one, hopefully both, will oblige.

I tend to get a "feeling" when something good is about to happen (see my pre Christmas posts) and definitely have it at present, so please keep a close eye on my posts in the coming days. Just sent today's email to subscribers, where I have previewed three football matches , in addition to which, I am planning a "big"football bet for Saturday, my first in a couple of weeks.

Now the really important news, a late goal for Brentford last night, was enough to not only earn them a point, but to take them to the top of Division 2 and everytime I look at the league table, it brings a smile to my face. Bit early to be counting any chickens, especially if you are a long time Bees supporter, but the London "giants" have 16 games remaining, nine of which are at home, actually, seven of the last eleven come at fortress Griffin Park, so if they negotiate the next five still at, or near the top, promotion will be theirs to lose, he said with fingers and toes crossed.

Back later.

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