Friday, February 06, 2009




Here we have two teams that are at least for now, free from relegation concerns, yet ten points off the promotion pace, it might still not be too late for one of them to put in a big push, but that would certainly mean being more adventurous on the road. That is not normally the way these two play and like many Ligue 2 sides, Dijon in particular, are happy to set up for 0-0 and only come out of their shell, after going a goal down. If mid table safety is the extent of their ambition, that might well be the case tonight, but I suspect not.

Tours have definitely shown ambition, by making two eye catching loan signings before the transfer deadline. They added quality midfielder Julien Francois from Metz, who has over 200 appearances at this level and above, plus striker Claudio Keseru from Nantes, he was with Libourne on loan last season and scored 11 in 17 starts, for a struggling team and that actually put him in the top ten goalscorer's in Ligue 2 . They will both give a huge boost to the home team and I would not put you off backing them, but I feel that we will see both teams on the scoresheet.

Dijon have shown signs of a more positive attitude recently and their last three starts have been "over", Tours last 15 starts have averaged an incredible 3.53 goals and at home, 5 of 7 have been "over", with six producing two or more. I think that two goals are the minimum we will see tonight and think this wager offers fantastic value, in a match where a draw is not going to help either side too much.

7 points "over" 2 goals 1.83 asian line.

Back later.

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