Saturday, February 14, 2009


Let's start with a quick look back at yesterday, the Metz "over" bet was secured before half time and my strongest news of the day, sent to subscribers on Thursday afternoon was also a very easy winner. Unfortunately, Bari could not complete a clean sweep, drawing 1-1 with Vicenza, but might be considered unfortunate, as , although I have not seen it myself, I have heard from several sources that the visitors goal was" offside".

That means that we are "batting" at 8 winners from 13 selections this week, with average odds of 2.11, so that alone would give us a very nice return. However, we also had two outright bets in the tennis, which I believe were my first in over a year, although I could be wrong about that, sure that someone will correct me. Both were extremely strong bets and we took Andy Murray in the ABN @ circa 3.75 and Andy Roddick in the SAP @ circa 3.25. We are down to the semi-final stage in each and our selections are trading at low odds of 2.10 and 1.53 respectively, which obviously, puts us in a fantastic position, win or lose.

I am preparing a mammoth newsletter to subscribers, which will be sent out at exactly 11.45 am UK time, I want all of you to see it at exactly the same time, as it contains TWO eight point selections, which, as you all know, is a very rare occurence.

The only way to receive all the predictuwin output is by subscribing to the newsletter, details are on the website .

Back later.

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