Friday, February 27, 2009

TGIF ........

I have previewed four matches today on the newsletter and sent a copy ( slightly modified) to everyone who is registered on the website .

It costs nothing to register, only basic details are required (name, email address and country) and is unlikely to take more than a couple of minutes, here is a quick link. You then get to receive any "freebie" emails that are available.

It has been a funny week, not an awful lot of "coin flips" have gone our way and we enter the weekend a little down, but only circa one bet ( 7 points) and I am confident that we will turn things around, with a very promising weekend ahead. I am looking at a "big bet" tomorrow and just need to get confirmed team news before pressing the button !

I know I rattle on and on about the newsletter and probably 99% of you only want to read the match previews but ................... it is an exceptional service and in addition to the fantastic returns.... 630 points profit, at an average of over 110 points every three months, offers a massive amount of information that will help you find a lot of future winners. Seriously, if there was a similar service out there, at a comparable cost (two euros per day), I would subscribe in an instant ! Let me know if you find one !

Back later.

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