Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Sunderland were my "strong" 1.5 point selection yesterday, given at top quote, they were well backed and won comfortably 3-1, landing my first red type bet of the new month.

I sent about a third of you in my data base those notes, which also included some spot on news about a couple of other friendly games and a very strong bet for today.

This morning I shared my daily notes with another third of my contacts and they got a friendly selection for tonight, some Champions League notes and my first bet for the weekend.

Tomorrow, I plan to cover a couple of Europa League matches, probably another weekend selection and a 40-1 outright bet for the new season that is wildly overpriced IMO. With regard to the blog, it is very difficult to openly post something at this stage of the season, as the teams I am backing are ones I will be following through the opening weeks of the campaign and I would be foolish to show my hand on here. Having said that, I think I can publish a couple of the lower profile previews and will probably post one or two over the weekend, so please check back then.

Good Luck.

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