Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In the post below are my notes for yesterday's action, sent to my regulars at 15.17 on Monday, a full 28 hours + before kick off.

They do not show a profit, the Crystal Palace preview was just a "suggestion" not an official selection, so doesn't count. The two selections showed a loss of 0.63 units, so, in my official stats, the day is a loser.

However, if you can read them and think that the content is "losing information" and /or of no value, then I suggest that gambling is not for you and that you find a new hobby or business. It is not always solely about the bottom line, over the long term yes, but not over a few matches and the basic content of the preview is always more important than the tip..... always !

I have had to censor some of the Palace post as it contains some really solid news about Crawley that regulars will be able to use when the time is right.

The information and previews were very good for both Woking and Forest, it matters not that only one won, I would have preferred both, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Both teams traded some 20 clicks lower before kickoff and in asian markets, they are very valuable positions to have and the option to trade out with a guaranteed profit is/was there.

I am not able to post much on the blog nowadays, but you had five years of massive profits on here and there will still be the occasional gem, so please keep checking back and remember, always try to read the full post and not just the money line.

BTW I have just two selections for today, sent out to subscribers yesterday afternoon, odds were 1.87 and 2.25 and they now trade at 1.67 and 1.97, if they both lose are they bad bets ?

Good Luck.


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