Tuesday, May 01, 2007


There was a period on Saturday, when the Londoners must have been feeling very happy with life.

Early in the second half they were leading Bolton and Manchester United, were trailing 2-0 away to Everton. The Blues were looking at wiping out the deficit at the top of the Premiership in one fell swoop, 25 minutes later, United were ahead and Chelsea all square. Instead of just goal difference seperating the two, the lead is now a massive 5 points.

That was also when I felt they lost tonight's game. Things are starting to crumble at the Bridge, I understand that whatever happens, Jose Mourinho will not be there next season.

They have put in three lack lustre performances in a row and loook jaded.

Andriy Shevchenko got a groin injury, when told he would be on the bench tonight (!), OK I am a cynic, but he has not even travelled with the team, that is not good.

Ballack will not play, not sure if that is a negative or not, but the injured Ricardo Carvalho will be sorely missed. Not least for his heading ability, sure that Peter Crouch will start tonight and could create all sorts of trouble for the Chelsea defence, in his absence.

No doubt that the hosts will strip fitter, 7 of their key players were rested at the weekend and will probably all start this evening, fresh and raring to go.

I have to take Rafael Benitez's team, who will be roared on by the very special atmosphere, which is Anfield on a European night. The added bonus is that Chelsea will be delighted to lose 2-1 or 3-2, the first scoreline would not be a huge surprise.

5 points Liverpool -1/4 ball 2.075 asian line. win 1-0 + 5.375 pts

Good Luck.

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