Thursday, May 03, 2007


The winners have continued to flow, 9 out of 10 since Monday and 40 (!) points profit in just 3 days, these are amazing stats.

However, email subscribers have done even better, with an extra 10+ points profit, today's service has included UEFA Cup, WTA Tennis and a six star bet for the weekend.

At a cost of £1 per day, it is incredibly good value.

Milan were very impressive yesterday, Gattuso and Pirlo were awesome, Seedorf is a strange player, I can never decide whether he is average, or world class, just when I make up my mind, his next performance makes me change it again.

Fletcher went for a couple of 50/50's with Gattuso and had about a 1% chance of winning the ball, felt sorry for him.

My opinion is that Milan are probably the best team in Europe over 70 minutes, after that, they worry me. Very interesting to see what happens in the last quarter of the game in Athens.

I will be back a little later, with a look at the UEFA Cup.

Good Luck.

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