Sunday, May 25, 2008


Miguel Angel Jimenez has edged a stroke clear, Wilson dropped a shot at the 13th and the Spaniard looked set to do likewise, but holed from 12 feet. Wilson held his nerve to par the 14th, so Jimenez leads by one, but as I type, he is facing a difficult bunker shot on 14.

Update 1: Jimenez got up and down from the bunker, Wilson birdied the very difficult 15th, where the Spaniard is in the middle of the fairway.... so all square again !

Update 2: MAJ missed a two foot putt on 15, Wilson leads by one and is on the green in two at the 16th .

Update 3: Wilson parred the 16th , but is in the trees and huge trouble off the tee, at the very long 17th ..... ouch ! MAJ 25 feet from the hole in two at the 16th. Wilson is having to drop a shot and is playing his third from the pathway ! Advantage Jimenez again.

Update 4: Hard to explain, teeing off at the 17th hole, Wilson -12, Jimenez-11 and Karlsson now in contention -10.

Wilson is on the fringe of the par 5 hole in four, the other two seemed to follow Wilson into trouble off the tee, but appear to have got away with it ! Wilson took six, so stands at -11.

MAJ has a 16 foot putt for birdie, Karlsson looks set to struggle for his par.

Update 5: Karlsson got his par and ramains at -10, Jimenez got his par , so teed off at 18, all square with Wilson. Our man gambled off the tee and found trouble again ! He hit a decent recovery shot and has at least given himself a chance.

Karlsson drove a poor tee shot, Jimenez hit a good stroke, Wison has a 20 foot putt for birdie. Advantage MAJ.

Update 6: Wilson makes his par and is in the clubhouse at -11. It is for Jimenez to lose now.

MAJ has now played his approach shot and is off the green , in a fairly difficult position, he needs to get down in two to win. He has fluffed his shot and is still off the green ! He is down in two from there, so finshed -11, Karlsson had a putt to join them, but missed,we have a playoff !!!!!

Update 7: Sudden death playoff, Wilson and Jimenez will play the 18th hole again. We have landed the place part of the bet and our 17.0 selection can be layed at short odds on the exchanges, if you are so inclined ! He is currently 2.24 on Betfair and has traded odds on. They are playing for a £200k difference in prize money, almost as much as subscribers !

Update 8: Wilson has driven well and is on the fairway in perfect position, MAJ has hit an identical tee shot. OW is in the green side bunker in two. MAJ is on the fringe of the green, advantage, not for the first time today, to the Spaniard.

Wilson has played out to within 12 feet. MAJ has gone even further past and has a 14-15 footer.

Jimenez misses and Wilson has a putt to win ! It lipped out ! That was a real opportunity .

They have to play 18 again !

Update 9: Much better drive from MAJ, he is on the fairway and Wilson is in the rough, on the wrong side of the course.

Great shot from Jimenez, on the green, albeit a long way from the hole. Wilson has played up and is looking to get down in two from some way shy of the green.

He has a very similar putt left that he missed last time round, hopefully he has learnt a little. MAJ has played to within two feet.

Wilson missed and Jimenez is champion........ so near to a monster payout, but a lot of fun for our money !

Good Luck.

Good Luck.

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