Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Looking back over the long weekend, we had some nice bets on the blog, I was very pleased with the half time wager in the Stoke - Leicester match, where the game played out pretty much as we expected.

Since just before Christmas (December 19th), there have been 207 selections on the blog, these have produced 116 winners (56.04%), including some big odds winners, profits have been 182.94 points, on stakes of 1166.5 points, a ROI of 15.68 %.

These are wonderful returns over a 20 week period, just think about that for a moment, consistent profits and lots of additional information, over a five month period.

Reading and following my previews might not always make you a profit in the short term, but they are very likely to over the long haul and will definitely help make you a better informed and more astute gambler.

In addition to these, we had the outright bets on Swansea and MK Dons in their respective divisions, which produced huge dividends and are not included in the totals above, those previews can be viewed here http://ubet2win.blogspot.com/2007/08/lower-league-previews.html , in what, is arguably, the greatest ever sports betting blog post, he said modestly. Plus the Blackburn wager given above.

Good Luck.

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