Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A FAVOUR TO ASK ...........

It is quite an undertaking, but can I ask all of you to read the last four posts on here carefully.

I want as many of you as possible, to take advantage of the following offer. Anyone that takes out a subscription to the email service this week, that's before midnight UK time on Sunday, will receive a free bonus. One month subscribers will receive an additional two weeks, if taking out a three month plan, a fantastic extra two months will be added.

To be fair to all, this offer is also available to any existing subscribers, wishing to renew, or to add to current subscriptions. This means that you could receive the daily newsletter for as little as 98p, or under $2 per day, which is unbelievable value.

Further details can be found on the website www.predictuwin.com, most questions can be answered in the "frequently asked questions" section, which is under "information or links" and you can send me an email via the "contact us" button, regarding alternative payment options like Moneybookers or bank transfer, or with any other queries.

I have a partner, who organised the website and he is pushing me to completely stop the blog posts, that is not really what I want to do, but I will have to continue to reduce the output on here. The only way to receive all the selections is to subscribe to the email service and I have tried to make it available to as many of you, as cheaply as possible.

Good Luck.


Tomislav said...

Tell your partner to **** off!

one of the things I like most about your service is that it's really dedicated to long-term profit, not just fast way to get some money. It has a sustainable development concept, and I'm sure, if you're not satisfied with your profit, with good marketing money will come...and blog is the way to get people interested...

It's your decision, but are you ready to waste something you've been working two years on?

The Natural said...

Hi Tomislav,

Thank you for your comments, I will pass on your good wishes to my website partner !

The blog was never designed to make any money and to that end, it has been successful, because it hasn't ! My intention was that it would help my own gambling, by publishing my thoughts and basic reasoning, I hoped it would make me a little more cautious and provide clarity to my betting.

However, it was so time consuming, at one time it was taking up most of my day, in addition to actually costing money to operate,that I decided to try and cover some of my expenses, which is why I started the email service.

I am not looking to make a living from that, it is a sideline, which will hopefully make a small profit, but for me, it also serves the original purpose for which I started the blog, this is more important.

I agree that the blog is the ideal marketing vehicle for the newsletter, which is why I am unlikely to ever fully stop posting, but it is going to be just 4-5 previews per week in future.

If I am honest, of course I want as many readers as possible to subscribe, because I think that, looked at in the long term, it is a fantastic product.Unlike some tipping services, which offer a one line selection and charge ludicrous sums, this is a newsletter. Today I wrote some 1200-1500 words over the five previews and most subscribers paid less than £1 for that, honestly, for anybody that gambles, that is a bargain.

Anyway, even with less content, I hope that you will continue to read and enjoy the blog.

Good Luck.