Friday, May 02, 2008


I have a lot to pass on today, so please check back.

Zenit won yesterday and the world now knows, what readers of the blog knew a long time ago, that they are a very good side.

Blog wise, since December 19th, I have given 199 selections, 111 winners for a strike rate of 55.78%, some big prices have produced a profit of 161.37 points , on stakes of 1125.5 and a fantastic ROI of 14.34% . Even this doesn't tell the full story as there has been plenty of extra "winners", like David Chiu the WPT World Champion at 4.33 last week.

All four email football selections won yesterday, if you did not have a terrific day's punting, then you should seriously consider joining the service. It costs as little as £1.47 per day to have the newsletter delivered directly to your inbox and I paid more than that for a newspaper, five minutes ago ..... full details are on the website

Back later.

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