Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I told you yesterday that I had given two email selections for a "quiet" Monday's sporting action, both got ahead early and coasted to very easy wins. My seven point selection was terrific value at 2.04.

That's an incredible 20 winners from 27 email selections in the last 7 days, 130.85 points profit, which, means that for a $20 unit stake, you could have won a cool $2617 since last Tuesday morning, all with single wagers, no multiples. No individual bet was bigger than 8 points and only one of those, another selection for 7 points, all others were 6.5 points or much less. To receive all this information, anybody taking advantage of the recent special offer, would have paid $13.68 for the last week, which of course, is terrible value, as it brings the clear profit all the way down to $2603.32 !

If those stakes are a bit too dizzy for your bankroll, how about 4 euros ? Your average wager would have been around 22 euros and your profit 523.4 euros.

I am again looking at previewing two events today and the week(s) ahead look incredible, with another 8 point selection lined up for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Many of you have been reading my blog for a very long time and know that it has always supplied quality content, but actual previews are now going to be very limited. There were just four last week, subscribers were sent 28 ! That is what they pay for, it is time consuming work and WILL make a profit over the long term, it is also a pretty good read. This week, there are likely to be around 22-24 previews, it is unlikely that there will be more than 2-3 on the blog, if you are considering taking the plunge, now is the time to jump !
Full details can be found on the website http://www.predictuwin.com/ , it also contains a frequently asked questions section. I am keen to get as many of you on board as possible, especially those that have been with me since the start and can still offer deals to you guys, on extended subscriptions, just send me an email via the "contact us" button on the website.
Good Luck with your bets today.

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