Thursday, May 15, 2008

THURSDAY PLANS ..............

Updated blog stats following Zenit's win, since December 19th I have given 215 bets, 120 have won(55.81%) and produced 203.63 points profit, on a turnover of 1209.5 points, a ROI of 16.84%.

Those are very good numbers and do not include the outright bets on Manchester United 2.375, Swansea 11.0 and MK Dons 9.0 to win their respective leagues, amongst others.

I have, in the end , only previewed three matches on the email service today and, for various reasons it is simply not possible to post any of them on the blog . As indicated last week, I will have to be very selective about what I blog in future and previews on here, are likely to be minimal. I am thankful that many of you took advantage of last week's special offer to join the service and also,for the positive feedback.

As always, full details of the service, including a question and answer section, can be found on the website and, if any long term readers/ former subscribers want to send me an email via the "contact us" button on the site, I will do my best to sign them up at the lowest rate possible.

Good Luck.

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