Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It is finally here, Manchester United, 50 years after the Munich air crash, facing the Russian owned Chelski in Moscow, you could not have written a more perfect final, unless of course you are Italian or Spanish.

We have the biggest club game in the world and despite the huge influx of foreign players into the Premiership, there are likely to be nine english starters on the pitch. Yet, somehow, we were unable to qualify for Euro 2008, something is very wrong at the FA and hopefully, Mr Capello, will put things right.

Latest report is that Ashley Cole's injury is not as bad as first reported and that he will start. Avram Grant ctitics are already asking why Chelsea were playing a full out practice match on the eve of the biggest match in the club's history.

I am previewing three matches on the email service today and am hopeful of carrying one on the blog later today, another profit for subscribers yesterday and I remain on top form.

Good Luck.

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