Monday, May 12, 2008


After a busy weekend on the blog, the stats since December 19th are 215 bets, 120 winners (55.81%) ,which have produced 192.13 points profit, on turnover of 1209.5 points, a ROI of 15.89%.

In addition, there have been other winners, hinted, yet not suggested as bets, plus the huge returns on the outright winners, of the English domestic football leagues, none of which are included in the above totals.

I previewed four matches on the email service today, one has already started and the three others have all been heavily gambled on, therefore, I will not be posting anything today. The Scandinavian leagues are now in full swing and we can expect to do very well there over the summer. Having done business in Sweden for many years, I have a lot of good contacts in that part of the world. Rather than things easing off, for me, we are now entering the most exciting and busy period of the year, especially with Euro 2008 fast approaching.

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Good luck with your bets today.

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