Tuesday, May 06, 2008



....... is never a bad thing to do, especially when you have backed one team at huge odds and down to two runners, their opponents can be backed at odds against. Which, is exactly the situation we find ourselves in, in the UEFA Cup, following Zenit's demolition of Bayern. For any of you that took the 21.0 available and tipped outright, before the quarter final stage, I think now is the time to cover our wager and take a profit. Please remember, this bet is only for those of you that have already backed Zenit. Rangers can be taken at 2.46 on the exchanges, which given our position, is too good to pass. The final will be played in the UK at the City of Manchester stadium and the Russian champions top scorer Pavel Pogrebnyak is suspended for the game. There is also a worry about some potential crowd unrest, given Zenit's supporters previous history against black players, Marseille were given a very tough time in Russia, hopefully, that will not happen, but it could upset the flow of the game, which could help Rangers. However, I still think that Zenit will win, so will keep them as a winner.

The suggested wager will leave Rangers as a winner for 16 points, Zenit for 27.5 points, which is terrific business.

HEDGE 12.5 points Rangers outright 2.44 + exchanges .... 2.46 available for small money.

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