Friday, January 02, 2009

FRIDAY ROUND UP ................

I have sent subscribers three previews today, one long term bet and two early selections for tomorrow. Obviously, I will not be posting any of those on the blog at this stage, but will definitely put a couple on tomorrow and welcome you to check back then.

At the risk of repeating myself, please keep an eye out for all the transfer dealings in the next few weeks, I have already seen two eye catching moves and am certain that a little work now, will be repaid handsomely in the next month or two, especially in the English lower leagues.

I do this work for subscribers, in return, they pay me a huge sum of money, around two euros per day and I preview 20-30 sporting events per week for them, from which they make around ten points profit per week, week in week out, month in month out ..............

Details can be found on the website . Only a maximum of ten new subscribers will be accepted in January.

Good Luck.

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