Saturday, January 03, 2009



We were firmly with San Diego last week and they served us well and they must be given every credit for winning four in a row, to pip Denver to the AFC West title, but this was as much down to the Broncos ineptitude as anything else. This was another weak section and there must be something in the water out west, the Chargers are 2-4 in Conference games outside their division.

The Colts have won nine in a row and were unlucky that their 12-4 record has only been beaten by one NFL team and that is their divisional rival Titans, otherwise, they would be sitting at home, with their feet up, watching these games on television. The recent winning run, includes victories over New England (11-5) , Pittsburgh (12-4) and Tennessee (13-3) the last of these, by 23 unanswered points last week. It also included a 23-20 win here in week 12, which was seen at the time, as payback for last year's playoff defeat, but that will only truly be erased by victory today. Indianapolis are an eyepopping 6-0 in non divisional Conference games.

Colts are on a roll and have allowed the fewest touchdown passes in history by any team over a 16 game season. Therefore, the Chargers will be looking to star running back, LaDalian Tomlinson to have a big day on the ground, but he has had very limited practice this week, missing at least two full days and even if he starts, will surely be below 100%. A road win for me.

6 points Indianapolis -1 point 2.0 Vegas Line.

Good Luck.

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