Thursday, January 22, 2009


Inter won yesterday, in addition to which, my "big" bet sent to subscribers at mid morning, won by three clear goals and we backed them with a handicap start !

It is exactly 13 weeks since I returned from my usual October break, which also happens to be the minimum subscription period to the newsletter. The daily email has shown a profit in ten of those weeks and 198 points profit in total, that is an average of over 15 every single week and more than two points on each of those 91 days !

If you had bet for $25 units, you would be $4,950 ahead and would have paid less than $3 per day to receive the newsletter every morning, directly to your inbox.

This was a good three months, but AVERAGE profit in any 13 week period has been a shade under 117 points, or $2,925 for your $25 units.

You all know the quality of my previews from reading the blog, gambling is a fun hobby, but can become expensive, if you do not approach it in a professional manner, if you are not winning consistently, then you need Predictuwin, details of the service can be found on the website .

Here you will find a Q&A section, results and a full email archive going back over 16 months, nothing is hidden. Payment can be made via Paypal and any bank debit or credit card on the website, for details of other payment methods, or to ask me any questions, send me an email via this link.

Good Luck.

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