Saturday, January 24, 2009


Two of my three email selections won yesterday, including a six point bet at odds of 3.35, so a very pleasing day.

Another exciting day in prospect, I have "only"previewed four matches on the newsletter and have kept to the domestic (UK) action, but am incredibly pleased with my write ups on the games covered, he said smugly. The email contains information you will not find anywhere else and today's results are almost immaterial, as readers WILL make money from the content in the coming weeks.

The email service has made over 610 points profit (see here) and in addition to which, has pinpointed countless other winners.

Today, I wrote a 750 word preview of one game, which, win or lose , is probably worth 100 euros minimum, it forms just 25% of a newsletter, which cost a shade over two euros.

I discussed a lower league club and ended by saying: This is an ambitious, evolving club, making exciting innovative decisions and we have to keep them on our side. I strongly believe that in the near future, every club in the country, at whatever level, will be preparing for games along similar lines. On the rare occasion that we can back them at such huge odds, we have to step forward, it will not happen very often.

This is a team available at 5.0 + today, if they do not win this afternoon, we will get our money back many times over on future games.

Back later.

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