Saturday, January 24, 2009


My beloved Bees have just announced a £864k operating loss for the last financial year, this is an believable level of new, additional debt, for the club to absorb. The figure was reduced to just under half a million by some "exceptional income", which will not be available in the current year.

They are in a similar situation to many lower league clubs and have to rely on the generosity of directors and supporters to keep them alive. In the current financial climate, that is always a huge concern. Brentford are in a slightly stronger position than most, as despite being some £7-8 million in debt, it is impossible to get a true figure (!), they do own their own ground , the theatre of dreams, known as Griffin Park. This is key in the proposed move to a new home, which might enable the Bees to clear their debts.

That is a couple of years away at best and in the meantime, Brentford have put all their eggs in a promotion basket this season and gambled on Andy Scott leading " my" men back to the promised land of Division 1 .

Chairman Greg Dyke made the following statement: "The Board took a decision to run the club at this level of loss in an attempt to gain promotion and thus improve our financial position considerably. We decided we would support the team manager to the maximum extent possible by way of ploughing every available penny into both the playing budget and playing facilities. If we were to gain promotion there would be an immediate and substantial increase in revenue from Football League payments, television monies and an increase in gates."

So, when we talk about pressure at the big clubs, it pails into insignificance, when you realise that coaches like Scott, have their team's very future at stake. His side will take the pitch at Macclesfield today, sitting second in the table and looking to build on a nine match unbeaten run in the league. Both coach and squad know what is at stake, is that motivation or pressure ? You decide.

Good Luck.

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