Saturday, January 03, 2009


I have just sent the email to subscribers and they have now received, over two days, eight previews of games taking place today, six UK domestic football matches and two NFL fixtures, where we have had such incredible success this season, with over 70% winners.

At least two of these will be posted on the blog today, but please remember, that this will be an increasing rare occurence, the only way to receive all my output, is by subcribing to the newsletter.
Details can be found on the website .

We have a fantastic day of sport ahead, the 3rd round of the FA Cup always supplies plenty of drama, there are some really key fixtures in the lower reaches of the Football League. We also see the return of La Liga after the shortest of breaks and I will be trying to watch a little of Valencia - Atletico inbetween the two NFL wildcard games, which, at least on paper, look incredibly close encounters, although I have strong views in each.

There has already been plenty of activity in the transfer window, but a quick word of warning, the BBC website, which appears to list all the moves and is what many people refer to, is not definitive and there are already several omissions that I have noticed, following only a cursory glance, so take care.

Finally, a quick work about the "Horse", congratulations to Geoff Horsfield who has shown the determination evident throughout his career, in battling back from testicular cancer, to sign a season long contract with Lincoln City, his 14th club. Which at 35 years of age is a tremendous achivement, but will surprise few who saw him play, as he did not know how to give less than 100%.

Back later.

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