Monday, January 12, 2009


We are down to four in the hunt for a Superbowl ring, Arizona will host the Eagles in the NFC title game and the winner will face either Pittsburgh or Baltimore, with these two massive rivals set to battle it out for the AFC crown, in a game that has already got me excited..... it doesn't take much ! I have hit 23 winners from 34 selections (almost 68%) on the NFL this season, so check back at the weekend for my opinion on the big games.

Manchester United eased past Chelsea at Old Trafford and are now odds on with all bookmakers to win yet another Premier League title. Sir Alex is one of only four managers to have won the championship, the others being Dalglish, Wenger and Mourinho, there is no doubt that mental toughness is the number one requirement and I wonder if Big Phil considers winning the World Cup a "breeze" in comparison !

There is increasing call in the UK for a winter break, especially from the lower leagues, where they do not have the resources to combat the bad weather. The problem is that they would miss out on the increased Christmas/ New Year crowds, which can make a huge difference to income. These once or twice per year fans, are all paying cash and an extra 1,800 or so, at two holiday games could mean an additional £100k for some Division 2 teams, maybe 10% of their playing budget. It is a lot of potential income to miss out on.

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Good Luck.

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