Sunday, January 25, 2009


Rafael Da Silva has taken the Premier League by storm this season, with a series of eye catching, sensational performances. However, he was quite prepared to tell anyone that would listen, that his twin brother Fabio was the much better player, most just nodded, admired Rafael's modesty and his generosity towards his brother.

That was until yesterday, it is perhaps wrong to go overboard about a debut that lasted just 53 minutes, but there was only one superstar on the left side of the field for United yesterday and it was not Ronaldo. It is frightening to think how good the twins could be and if Rafael is adamant that Fabio is far and away the better of the two, we might just have to believe him. It was certainly an awesome debut and he was clearly the best player, on a pitch packed with big name international players.

Apparently, they were spotted by United scout Les Kershaw, who convinced Sir Alex to sign the pair, despite never having started a league game for their club Fluminense. I just wonder what such scouts get paid and why these guys are also not subject to big money transfer fees. Kershaw has probably made/saved United some £60m+ by spotting two players, that can almost certainly play anywhere and have unlimited potential.

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