Saturday, January 17, 2009


Wrexham held on for a point last night and could, perhaps should, have even stole all three late in the game. However, I have no complaints, as it could also have gone the other way and that now makes five straight winners on the blog.

Subscribers have been sent previews of seven matches today, one from France and the other six are all domestic (English) fixtures, spead across four divisions.

I am likely to publish two or three of these on the blog, later in the day, but am a little unsure about my exact plans at present, but will probably be able to update the situation in my next post. This is part of the benefit of subscribing to the service, not only are you receiving premium information, which has made huge profits over a 16 month period, but you get it very early in the day, so no delays and all for around two euros per day.

Much as I would like to see Kaka in the Premier League, the money being discussed is just plain crazy ! It can only be compared to the David Beckham- LA Galaxy deal and whilst that was equally mind boggling, it at least made some kind of sense, Beckham has a global image that few footballers can ever aspire to, I am not talking skill here, just image and his mission was to raise the profile of the MLS and "soccer" in the US.

The EPL does not need that, I guess you could argue that Manchester City do, but I keep returning to the view that few South American players inprove after the age of 25. They tend to peak much earlier and whether it is burn out, or the good life, it is hard to get the best out of them in the second half of their careers. Maybe it will be different for Kaka, who made his debut comparatively late following a career threatening injury, comes from a very different middle class background, not the favelas like most footballers in Brazil and is a deeply religious guy. We will see !

Back later.

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