Sunday, January 11, 2009


The fans in Philly are a fickle lot and it doesn't take long for them to turn on a player or coach. Quarterback Donovan McNabb and coach Andy Reid have had a torrid time this year, at least up to and including week 12 and when Reid benched McNabb that day, during the frightful loss to the Ravens, few would have thought that they would both still be in a job today, let alone 60 minutes away from a Championship game.

However, since Thanksgiving Day, when they beat playoff surprise package Arizona, by 28 points, they have won 5 from 6, including a 20-14 win over the Giants in New York. They played very well that day, restricting New York to just 211 yards of offense and dominating possession. These are always traditionally close meetings and I cannot see this being any different. The Eagles have taken over the Giants role from last year, slipping into the post season on a winning run, almost under the radar and with little pressure. I wanted to write a lot more about this game, but have run out of time, having promised that it would be online at a certain time.

Running back Brian Westbrook had a huge day in the last meeting and he will be key, I take him and especially Reid and McNabb to have the last word and then they will be welcomed back with open arms to the "City of Brotherly Love".

6.5 points Eagles +4 points 1.94 Vegas Line.

Good Luck.

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