Friday, January 09, 2009


I have a big weekend planned on the betting front and I am hoping that the weather is not going to play too big a role. The cold snap continues in the UK, although we have not had too much frost in the last day or so in the South East and the forecast is for a much warmer period, starting tomorrow. However, whether this comes in time to ease the rock hard conditions, especially at the lower league grounds, remains to be seen......... fingers crossed.

It is not just this side of the English Channel that is suffering, as France have already lost much of their Ligue 2 programme today. However, I have managed to find three matches to preview today on the newsletter and would be very surprised if they did not all go ahead, so I will be covering at least one of them on the blog later today.

Plenty to look forward to, with four NFL playoff games, which will go ahead regardless of what the weather is like, very few games are ever postponed, especially when the whole country is watching. In addition to which, we have full football programmes scheduled in Italy, Spain and France and in the Premier League, the much awaited Manchester United- Chelsea clash. So, something for everyone !

Back later.

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