Friday, November 21, 2008

CHEER UP .............. IT'S FRIDAY !

It is hard to be sure how many of you are visiting the blog today, as I have sent a copy of the newsletter to almost everyone in my data base. I am sorry if that means that some of you received two, or even more copies, it was impossible for me to filter my personal email contacts, with the Predictuwin list, for no reason other than I am computer illiterate !

As I have tried to explain to some of you, my intention is/was to "tidy things up", get anyone that has written to me about any of my services to register on the website (it's free), or to remove them from my contacts.

Actually, if any of you out there, if there is anybody out there today, wants to register on the website , you will receive a number of freebies over the next week or so. It only takes a minute or two, just a name, email address and password is required, there is no obligation and the only thing that you will receive from Predictuwin, is the odd free newsletter.

I have only previewed two matches today and kept stakes fairly small, to be honest, the weather forecast across Europe is a bit of a concern and without detailed forecasts in some areas, I have decided to be cautious.

I will definite post one of these on the blog later this afternoon, so please check back. Tomorrow, like any Saturday, looks very busy and I am planning, at the moment to preview 6-7 football matches, including two "strong" bets. So, stay in touch.

Back later.

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