Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TUESDAY UPDATE ..............

Leeds won 5-2 yesterday to start the week off in fine fashion. I have just finished today's email and have previewed four matches, all english fixtures, including an eight point selection.

If possible, I will put at least one of these on the blog later in the day, but will definitely not be carrying the "big" bet on here.

I had some internet problems over the weekend and received quite a lot of emails from readers, all of which I have now replied to. The main point of discussion was that they had missed the "happy hour "offer made on Friday of last week (see here). Maybe, I could have at least advertised the fact that an offer of some sort was going to be made, therefore, I am going to re-open it again, this afternoon for two hours between 16.00-18.00 (UK time) and also tomorrow, for a similar period, at a time yet to be decided.

Anyone that takes out a three month subscription during these times, will receive an additional three months free. This is a half price offer and it is extremely unlikely to ever be repeated, there might be the odd free month offered on occasion, or some guarantee, but the service will never again be offered at a cheaper rate.

Payment can be made through the website www.predictuwin.com using paypal or any bank credit or debit card, if you want details of any other payment methods, moneybookers or bank transfer etc , please send me an email via the "contact us" button on the PUW site.

Please remember, this is open between 4-6 this afternoon and again tomorrow, at a time I will announce later. If you miss out, for whatever reason, I am sorry, there is nothing further I can do.

Most questions that you might have about the service, will be covered on the website, please take a look. However, here are a few key points ......

The offer is open to all, including existing subscribers. Emails are sent directly to your inbox every morning, usually between 10-11 am (uk time). How you use the newsletter is entirely up to the individual, some readers follow all the selections, others are more selective only betting when suggested bets coincide with their own ideas, some only bet the "big" point selections.

Back later.

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