Friday, November 14, 2008


I read quite a lot of Sports Betting/ Poker related blogs, but many of them have a very short shelf life. Seem to recall reading somewhere that the average lifespan of a blog is two weeks, which does not surprise me and given the action seeking nature of the gambler within most of us, it is unsurprising that many betting related blogs have trouble staying the course and building up a readership.

Most bloggers start with the best of intentions and will post two or three times a day for the first week and when they realise that 10,000 people have not starting reading their missive's overnight, this quickly drops off, maybe to one a day and then twice per week, at best. So, as a reader you lose interest and the next time you look, they have not posted for several months, or there is a one liner saying that "they have not posted much recently, but will be putting that right in the next day or so", of course, that post is already five weeks old !

The secret and it is no secret, is that you have to post and keep posting, hopefully write something of interest and that people want to read. If you promise to write tomorrow, write tomorrow, not next week. I have blogged for almost 32 months, this is my 2769th post, that is around three per day, probably circa 700,000 words and I have "missed"or not posted , on I believe, 18 of those almost 1,000 days ! It is a commitment and if I had a regular job, it would be virtually impossible to combine the two.

But I don't and it's not, so I will be back later with a selection for tonight's action and that's a promise !

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