Saturday, November 22, 2008




Histon have just come off the greatest week in their history, with two league wins that have taken them up to second place in the BSP and also earning a second round cup-tie at home to the world famous Leeds United next week. They are on the crest of a wave, unbeaten in 9, winning 8, including the last five and are today looking for a seventh straight win in the league, so after that build up, of course I am backing them today..... err, actually not.

I think that now they have had a few days to sit back and contemplate things, the pressure will start to get to Histon and no one at the club, will want to miss out on the biggest game of their life's, before a huge televised audience next week. It would only be human for them to, consiously, or not, take their "foot off the gas". Player for player, you would have to say that Oxford are the stronger team, for goodness sake, they have in recent starts named three players on the bench, who would walk into almost any other side in the division.

They continue to create chances, in the cup win in midweek, which only came in extra time, they had an incredible 17 attempts on target and had 28 crosses from open play into the box. Once again they were denied a clear penalty and sometime soon, they are going to go on a 5-6 match winning run, when all these things suddenly click. They have found the player they have been looking for in 17yo Sam Deering, he can play in "the hole" behind the front two and even at his young age and after a handful of appearance, he is dictating much of the play and creating a lot of interest from bigger clubs. Oxford have dominated so many games, especially on the road, where there is less pressure on them, that it would be foolhardy to oppose them getting such a big handicap start. Maybe I am wrong and Histon are "the real deal", but I feel that they have over achieved and at least for now, will have their eye on the match ahead, Oxford and the start for me.

6.5 points Oxford +3/4 ball 1.87 asian line..... now +1/2 1.86 !

Good Luck.

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