Saturday, November 22, 2008


Swansea lost last night, despite leading for around 75 minutes and having plenty of chances to finish off Birmingham, they were sevely handicapped by losing key player Ferrie Bodde, midway through the first half, but still could/ should have won. This is a sign of how far the Swans have come in a short time under Roberto Martinez, as the two teams were seperated by 35 league places this time last season.

The big four in the EPL all play today, which is the second saturday in a row that has happened, which surely must be some sort of a record. The day's when all teams played at 15.00 on a saturday afternoon are now a thing of the past. They also all used to finish before 16.45 too, now, even allowing for an extra five minutes at the break, it is at least, an additional ten minutes, before all results are in. In Scotland, they still go by "the old" clocks, ten minutes at the break, some kick off at 2.59 and you normally get the first result at 16.40 on the dot, when some games "south of the border" are halfway through the second period. Play was slower in the "old days", yet matches were quicker, still trying to get my head around that one !

I have previewed six matches on the email service today, in a circa 1700-1800 word newsletter, it is very likely that three of these will be posted on the blog this afternoon, so please check back.

Good Luck.

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