Friday, November 14, 2008


Yesterday turned out much busier than expected, I put just two bets on the email service (one winner, one loser) , but had to rush out a weekend selection to subscribers, when it looked like the odds were about to crash on a bet I had long planned for saturday, we just managed to stay ahead of the pack and the price has now gone.

We also had a major long term position on the NFL, our only one so far, which was very dependent on the Jets winning in New England last night, which they did, so all in all, a pleasing day.

The newsletter is already showing a double digit profit this week and we look to be heading (touch wood) for our 6th winning week in the last seven. With such a huge weekend ahead, I am looking at previewing some 6-7 matches, on each of the next two days, I have kept things fairly quiet today and put up just two selections, one in the UK and the other in French Ligue 2.

Details of the daily newsletter service can be found on the website, including a email archive and profits break down for the last 13 months. There is still plenty of time to join and ensure delivery of tomorrow's email directly to your inbox.

Back later.

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