Wednesday, November 19, 2008


With the country in a financial mess, 7,000 + England fans have shelled out a small fortune to watch the nation's "B" team, play Germany in Berlin today.

Former England "hero" Terry Butcher, now Scotland's assistant boss ( !), is unable to forget the "hand of god" incident from 22 years ago and has made an ass of himself in the media, all week long. If I carry on complaining about the mess he made as Brentford coach for the same length of time, it will get quite tiresome by 2030 ! Let it go Terry !

Also, Tottenham have sacked their goalkeeping coach, actually that is the only thing that makes perfect sense, earning money "under false pretences" comes to mind. I thought Gomes took all the blame, but there was actually someone coaching him how to play like that ! Hope he got a good pay off, as that is a major blip on his c.v.

The final "happy hour" see the "tuesday update" post below, will be between 15.00 - 17.00 (UK time) today. This is absolutely the last chance to get the half price offer.

Good Luck.

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