Friday, December 19, 2008

FRIDAY UPDATE ...........

Thank you for the response to yesterday's post (see below) and I am pleased that a lot of you have signed up to receive the newsletter over the Christmas/New Year period. The more "fast fingered" of whom "got off to a flyer", as both of yesterday's UEFA Cup selections won, at odds of 2.23 and 1.84.

I have previewed three matches on the email service today and might post one of these on the blog later today. Tomorrow looks very promising (touch wood !) and I will be looking to start the holiday fixtures with a bang !

The Champions League draw has now been made and there are some humdingers ! Guess that pride of place must go to Inter-Man U and the "Special One - Sir Alex" rematch, no doubt the mind games between these two have already started !

Claudio "The Tinkerer"Ranieri also returns, to Stamford Bridge with his Juventus team, but the return of the well liked Italian, doesn't quite have the added spice of Jose's face off with Ferguson.


Chelsea v Juventus

Villarreal v Panathinaikos

Sporting Lisbon v Bayern Munich

Atletico Madrid v FC Porto

Lyon v Barcelona

Real Madrid v Liverpool

Arsenal v Roma

Inter Milan v Manchester United

Good Luck.

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