Monday, December 08, 2008

MONDAY ...........

I have just written today's email, it did not take too long, as I only previewed one match, albeit a strong and confident selection. It is a case of the calm before the storm, as there is an incredibly busy sporting week ahead for us, tomorrow looks especially good and I am planning a "big" bet, the last six of which have won.

On the website you will find a full email archive going back to last September, not that anyone would want to read all of them, but it does give an idea of what the service has to offer. The newsletter has produced over 527 points profit since then, but it offers so much more than a pure " tipping service", which this, most certainly, is not. Having said that, it is vitually certain to make you a profit, providing you take a long term approach to your betting. Over this very long sample, almost seven weeks from ten have made money and that is by betting blindly every selection, many of my readers are a little more selective and have fine tuned the service to suit their needs and are producing even greater returns.

Take a look, it costs nothing and if you register on the site, which is also free and only takes a minute or two, you will also receive the odd "freebie" newsletter.

Good luck with your bets today.

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