Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last "holiday" season, between December 23rd and January 6th, I posted 13 consecutive winners on the blog. Which proves that this is a fantastic time to make some money from the "old enemy", yes, you want to spend time with friends/ family and enjoy yourself, but if you take some of this downtime and use it to study a little more, believe me, it will pay dividends. There are no shortcuts to finding winners, unless you pay someone to do the work for you, in all seriousness, if you cannot make money at this time of the year, then you are probably not a winning punter. Which is fine I suppose, if gambling is your hobby/entertainment and you are happy to pay for it as such and can afford to lose, then have fun, enjoy yourself.

However, if you are more serious about your betting, then do the work and study. When the rest of the house is sleeping late on a Saturday, or Boxing Day/ New Year, get up a couple of hours early, or go to bed later and get to work. I know quite a lot of other "full time" gamblers, they work harder and longer than anyone else of my acquaintance. They will spend time with their families on Christmas Day, but I bet you that when everyone else has dozed off, or is watching television late in the day, they will be working ! I can also tell you that despite all the research that they do, you can never have too much information and that at least four of them pay to receive the Predictuwin newsletter. Why wouldn't they, it is cheap and if you read one thing per week of interest, even one per month, it will more than pay for itself. I like to think that there is something of value in the email each and every single day, but then, I am biased.

Like I always say, let me know if you find a better service somewhere else, I will subscribe to it immediately. But, IMO at the same or similar price, or any cost for that matter, there is not another newsletter that even comes close. I have seen services that charge thousands of dollars per month, there was one recently @ $2,399 for a daily tip with no preview ! For that money, I would want it hand delivered, along with breakfast in bed and a posse of dancing girls ! The newsletter costs as little as 11 euros per week and has averaged over 40 points profit each and every month, achieved by betting every selection blindly, most readers will improve upon those figures with a little personal input.

I have previewed two matches on the email today and make one a very strong selection, however, for me those games are already "over" and I am busy with the weekend fixtures .... a hard way to make an easy living !

By the way, do you know the odds of finding 13 consecutive winners ? At circa 1.90, it is well over 4,200-1 !


Good Luck.

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