Monday, December 29, 2008


What a day for subscribers ! Both NFL selection won easily .....ok, comfortably !

7 points Patriots -5.5 points 1.96 Vegas Line. WON 13-0

6 points Chargers -9 points 2.10 Vegas Line. WON 52-21

That made 7 out of 8 on Sunday, which ended a week where we were already well ahead ! Over 37 points profit yesterday alone, there is very little time left to sign up to the service at a reduced rate, please read the previous post.

I received a number of messages from happy subscribers overnight including ....

From Macedonia : I just wanted to applaud on some recent wins from the newsletter, great job!!!!

Singapore: BIG Congratulations on your PERFECT today! Thanks! :)

Bulgaria : well done Keith ,you have been outstanding today.Congratulations.

Back later.

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