Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Last week I offered access to a "holiday special", where, for a minimal sum, you could have received the daily newsletter over Christmas and the New Year.

In just over a week, anyone shrewd enough to have taken advantage of that offer, has received previews of 25 matches so far, 16 of which have shown a profit, nine have "lost", although three of those were for half stakes, so effectively 16-7.5. These selections have produced a whopping 64.78 points profit.

I had one individual who paid 37 euros for this deal, he has bet 20 euros per unit and is currently almost 1,300 euros up in just eight days, 199 of which, he has used to sign up for a further three months. He will receive the newsletter until early April and still has circa 1,060 euros of his bookmaker's money, to bet future selections with.

He, along with all other subscribers has been sent just two previews for today, at odds of 2.14 and 1.96, tomorrow, he is expecting a bumper newsletter, looking at the full round of English matches, where I am looking to add to yesterday's 25 points + profit !

I hope that you have all done as well with your bets over the holiday period. If not, you really should consider joining the service, you read the blog, you know the quality of the previews, otherwise why are you here ? The daily newsletter contains circa 25-30 such previews each and every week and at around 15 euros per 7 days, offers fantastic value for money.

Take a look at these links:

Details of the service.

Email archive.


Ask any questions.

Good Luck.

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