Saturday, December 20, 2008


Good Morning !

It's just about that time on a Saturday, when the butterflies start to flutter in the stomach and the excitement levels rise. When all is said and done, despite being a little cynical about the way football is run, I still love the game, especially at the lower levels and look forward to the matches, much as I did as a schoolboy.

I especially like this period on a Saturday, when the newsletter has been sent and all the afternoon is free to follow the "beautiful game". I previewed seven matches today, one each from Scotland and mainland Europe, the other five are all Football League games, my "bread and butter".

The daily email is a commitment and takes up much of my day, even typing it with my limited two finger skills, can be a chore at times, especially when, like today, it runs to well over 1,500 words. That is why I charge for the service, but at circa 1.50 euros per day, it is hardly expensive and offers amazing value for money, as always, details of the service can be found on the website and you can ask any questions through the "contact us" button there.

I will probably post a selection, maybe even two on the blog today, but cannot make any promises at present, with a number of you having signed up for the "holiday offer" (see below) it somehow seems a little unfair. Actually, anyone that is registered on the website, will have received a preview by email, so please check your inbox !

Back later.

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