Saturday, December 06, 2008


I remain in very good form, there were three selections sent to subscribers yesterday, a loser (!) and winners at odds of 3.20 ( 3.30 in places) and 2.06, which was my strongest news of the day.

Just posted today's newsletter, which strangely for a saturday, "only" contained four previews, two from the Championship and one each from the Premier League and the SPL. The weather remains very unpredictable and icy in parts of the UK, so check out the forecast before getting involved in any games today, having said that, there is plenty of sunshine around too, so that might just save a few lower league fixtures.

I am intending to post a couple of selections on the blog today, but as always, this will be dictated by how the market reacts in the meantime. Details of the email service can be read on the website .

Back later and good luck with your bets today.

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