Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today's email has long since gone, sent to subscribers mid morning and I have just finished writing tomorrow's, which contains my first ever nine point football selection, that will be sent out at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

These are very exciting times for all involved in the service , on December 21st I wrote in the blog: I expect the next month to be very profitable, especially in the lower divisions of the Football League, where many of the teams are now performing at, or close to, the level I expected pre season. We also have the transfer window approaching and there is no way that the odds makers can be as up todate with the dealings, as I will be, which gives "us" a huge advantage. So, let the battle commence !

Since when, the newsletter service has made over 75 points clear profit ! So , do not say that you were not warned ! A twenty euro unit stake on each selection, would have cleared you well over 1,500 euros profit, even allowing for the massive 37 euros cost for the "holiday special". These are unbelievable returns over a 9 day period !

Time is running out if you want to join the service at a reduced rate. The offer referred to in the "Do they know it's Christmas time" post below, expires at midnight on New Year's Day and will not be repeated in 2009..... so get a move on !

There was no excuse for missing out on these winners, which would have given a big boost to your bankroll. You all know the quality of my previews, otherwise, why are you reading this ? Most of you have probably made quite a bit of money from following my write ups on the blog and could have used a tiny portion of those, to have signed up for the "holiday special". I sincerely hope that you have all done as well as subscribers to Predictuwin, over the holiday period, but, to be honest, it is highly unlikely.

I do not want to end on a negative note, so, thank you for reading the blog over the past twelve months and let me wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Good Luck.

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