Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Wow ! We have been a "little" unlucky recently.

These things tend to level out over a period of time, so I do not like to make too much of it, when things do not go our way, but Colchester really should have got something from the game last night.

They created 7-8 really good chances, hit the woodwork three times and were denied by the Luton goalkeeper twice in injury time alone. Anyway, that is in the past now, so onwards and upwards !

That was an often used "sign off" from Martin Allen during his time at Brentford, I wonder if the Cheltenham players are tired of hearing it yet ! Surely he has got them all to jump into the River Severn by now, unless he is waiting for it to freeze over first ! I have got a lot of time for MA, but his style of "man management" would never work at a higher level, can you imagine asking a Premier League player to bring a packed luch and help paint the training ground ! It would probably do them good of course, I would pay to see Gallas and Ronaldo arrive at training with sandwiches and a paint brush !

Allen and Milan Mandaric at Leicester City, was never going to work and I am surprised it lasted as long as it did, all four games ! However, a Division 1 relegation battle is "right up his alley" and I would not back against MA keeping Cheltenham Town up and also taking them on a long FA Cup run, a competition he loves..... keep an eye on The Robins !

I have previewed four matches on the newsletter today, but have actually put up five selections, as one, somehow evolved into an additional long term bet, whilst I was typing. I am intending to post a couple of these on the blog later today, so please check back.

Good Luck.

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