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Good Morning ! I am going to post several previews on the blog today, subscribers were sent nine (!) for the UK domestic action, so that leaves me with plenty of room to manoeuvre. Going to start with one that was sent out on Thursday evening, the odds were never going to last beyond Friday and as you can see, they are now trading at far shorter.

I appreciate that this is now of limited value to you, if you are reading it for the first time. However, it does give a great feel for the content of the newsletter and shows, win or lose, the value of getting the best of the odds. In some ways, the result is almost immaterial, backing such well researched selections at the top end of the market, you WILL win in the long run, and that is all that matters.

As always you can read details of the service on the website



This is a fixture normally won by the away side and I expect that sequence to continue tomorrow.

We opposed Grimsby at Chesterfield on Wednesday and they did lose 2-1, but performed well and created a lot of goal scoring chances, which on the back of a 5-1 win over Lincoln last week, is a clear sign that they are at least moving in the right direction. They were nine without a win, before last Saturday, but had met some inform teams and I understand that there were signs of a revival in the game with Morecambe, but little went right for them and a sending off turned the game on it's head.

As bad as their form might appear, it sounds like promotion level compared to Chester's, who have not won in 15, losing 11 and conceding three or more on five occasions, including in their last two. They actually took the lead at home to Rotherham in midweek, yet still lost 5-1 and despite offering cut priced admission, only drew a crowd of 1,200 to the Deva Stadium, which is a sure sign of how bad things have got.

Boss Mark Wright Wright is hardly inspiring confidence in his players and said: "The boys are really down, but there are a lot of things at the club that have got to be looked at very closely.

"We've got to look at where we are because I think last night's performance made it evident that we need five players.

"I said when I arrived at the club that we needed two centre halves including one that could play as a left back, one midfielder, and two strikers.

"I think it was majorly evident in our performance against Rotherham, even when we were 1-0 up.

"There needs to be competition for places at the football club, but at this moment in time there is none.

"Players here now know that even if they play bad they are still going to be playing next week. Maybe the players aren't pushing themselves.

"Everybody could see last night that we gave a majorly below-par performance from a lot of players and I think everyone has now got to start asking questions about themselves.

These are not comments a coach should publicly be making about his players, privately yes, but not in a post match interview, does he really think that such remarks will help them perform better ? IMO it smacks of someone trying to cover his own back.

Hard to see how things could be worse at Chester, both teams are in danger of falling out of the league, but one side believes in themselves and are battling for each other and we have to back them. Town will also take quite a few supporters with them and they will be making all the noise in the stadium.

Two struggling teams normally mean goals, especially two as defensively fragile as these two, so an "over" bet too for me.

6 points Grimsby level ball 2.0 asian line...... NOW 1.70.

5 points "over" 2.5 goals 2.07 asian line...... NOW 2.01.

Good Luck.

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