Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The new week has started well, both blog bets have won and I am 100% with email selections so far. Subcribers have been sent previews of two matches for today, one was written earlier in the week, the second this morning. We have very much the best of the odds with the first and could actually close out now for a profit, but that is not really my style and we will be letting it ride. The other is in a league we "visit" rarely, but concerns a very motivated team, playing in arguably, their biggest game for years.

Their have been very few matches this midweek and you would be amazed at the number of people that have contacted me, firstly about CSKA Moscow on Monday and then again with Forfar yesterday. These are league's that few people, other than locals, play in on a regular basis, yet because there was very little to choose from, punters had decided that these two short priced favourites were clearly good things and were lumping on, without doing any real homework, beyond looking at the most basic of stats. Some of their "reasoning" was, quite frankly, ludicrous, bookmakers must love these type of fixtures, they know where the money will come and can adjust their lines accordingly, safe in the knowledge that punters will take whatever they offer...... nice work if you can get it !

Luckily, we have avoided both of those particular pitfalls and found a few winners too !

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Back later.

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