Monday, March 09, 2009



This is my 3,000 th blog post and although I am not going to count them, that is probably circa 700,000 words, no wonder I have a swollen index finger !

In celebration, I really hope to be able to give you a winner today, so please check back a little later.

My lightning fast typing fingers (all two of them) have been ultra busy today and I have sent subscribers to the daily newsletter previews of three monday matches and a further five, covering tomorrow's action.

I have to mention Brentford striker Nathan Elder, who is out of the game for a long time after suffering a broken cheekbone, eye socket and blindness in one eye, following a challenge with Rotherham defender Pablo Mills. It is impossible to pass comment on what was shown on television and the only person I know that was at the game, was about a mile away, at the other end of the ground. However, Bees players and coaching staff are adamant that Mills led with his elbow and if there is to be an enquiry, I hope that there are some better camera angles available.
Elder's injuries are said to be appalling, he is still in hospital in Sheffield and Brentford coach Andy Scott says that he looks like he was attacked with a hammer ! Get well soon Nathan !

Scott is creating a lot of attention in the game, he has turned the Bees around in double quick time and is certain to be short listed for any number of jobs in the summer. Fortunately, he is on a very long contarct, so will not come cheap ! His professional approach to the game was demonstrated today, when by late breakfast time, he had already made a loan signing to cover for Elder and Sam Williams has joined from Aston Villa. Yet to make his debut for the Villans, he has a number of League 1 appearances to his name and goes straight into the squad for tomorrow, when Brentford host the "fake" Bees..... Barnet.

Back later.

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