Tuesday, March 03, 2009

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Liverpool gave up the title chase on saturday, when, with 20 minutes remaining at Middlesbrough, Rafael Benitez withdrew both Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerard, two players who are Liverpool.

That was the equivalent of waving the white flag and would never have happened under a british coach, Rafa just has a different mind set and regardless of what he might say publicly, he is now fully committed to the Champions League a tournament which suits both him and his players better, than the EPL.

It is perhaps difficult to know exactly what type of performance they will put in tonight, but goals are suddenly proving very hard to come by, especially in the first half. During which they have not scored in six starts, or in four home games.

Hard to see too many coming early tonight, Sunderland are bound to pack their defence and have gone in level at the break in 5 of their last 6 games, including at the Emirates, where they held out for the full 90 minutes. They have conceded only one first half goal in seven starts and the reverse fixture was only decided by a 83rd minute winner from Fernando Torres, who is unavailable tonight. A 45 minute draw looks the best option.

4.5 points half time draw 2.50 general quote.

Good Luck.

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