Thursday, March 19, 2009


Cardiff left it very late to secure the three points yesterday, but it was a deserved winner and about time that one of the late goals went our way. Actually two did, as subscribers were also on St Etienne +1/4 ball, in a match where we opposed the "pack", with half the gamblers in Europe seemingly on Werder Bremen. The visitors looked to have done enough after racing into a two goal lead, but the home side kept plugging away and eventually snatched a late equaliser. That was an exciting half and hour or so !

I have sent subscribers previews of three matches today, a selection in each, including two bets @ 2.70 +. With regard to the daily newsletter, my new policy is whenever possible, to send it a day early, so today's was despatched early yesterday morning. This ensures that readers get plenty of time to absorb the information and to bet at the best available price. This should result in greatly increased profits over time, for example, one of the bets advised for today is already trading at some 20 "clicks"less.

I will be back later with at least one match preview for today, so please check back.

Good Luck.

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