Friday, March 13, 2009


Really big weekend ahead, with a lot of exciting sporting action. Highlight of which is the top of the table clash at Griffin Park, between Brentford and Wycombe Wanderers, there is also some other game up North, between Manchester United and Liverpool, but I doubt many will be interested in that, when the mighty Bees have a chance to open up a ten point lead at the top of the table.

I have to say that Brentford were very fortunate to beat Barnet in midweek, the least that the "fake" Bees deserved was a point and to be fair, they never seem to have much luck against the "real deal", but that's the price they have to pay, for stealing our nickname !

Brentford have a couple of key injuries ahead of this game, they have options for Nathan Elder, whom we discussed earlier in the week, but captain and team leader Kevin O'Connor will not be so easily replaced. Having said that, my beloved Bees are a very solid unit, team spirit is sky high and they are almost impossible to score against ! Biggest crowd of the season will be at GP and they are unlikely to witness a classic, Wycombe have built their game around a solid defence and have only scored seven in eleven starts, first goal, if one comes at all, is likely to decide this one and 1-0 to the Bees looks a good call, but 4-0 would be better !

I have made a few changes to the newsletter this week and have been sending it out as early as possible, today's was despatched early last night and whenever possible, I am going to continue with this policy. I think the small amount of late news we might miss out on and I always have the option of sending an update, will be more than offset, by being able to get the bets placed early and obtaining the best possible quote.

The Friday email contained previews of six games, five from today and an early bet for tomorrow, which is going to be an incredibly busy day. I nearly always sense when a big day is about to happen and the Saturday matches just feel right. Over the last three weeks, I have watched several lower league matches live and the teams that have impressed/disappointed me, have the ideal opponents tomorrow.

I will be posted a couple of previews on the blog today and probably a similar number tomorrow, however, the only way to receive all my information, is by subscribing to the daily newsletter. Details of the service can be found on the website, or send me an email using this link and I will tell you how to sign up, in the most cost effective way.

Back later.

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